Integrate each of our flexible modules independently or alongside your existing software.

Designed with each user in mind, YardOps tackles the complexity of yard operations with ultra-focused modules. Our platform’s core actively syncs your assets, tasks, locations, and history, allowing each module to excel in its essential tasks.

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Our modules



Schedule when traffic will arrive on site, set limits on max numbers throughout the day



Welcome drivers on to your site and get them back on the road as quickly as possible


Space management

A single view of your site showing the location and status of all trailers in your yard


Shunter co-ordination

Supercharge your shunters with our in-cab app to coordinate movements and provide real ETAs


Dock management

Summon and dispatch trailers from your warehouse docks. Track progress of tipping and loading teams


Driver communication

Keep drivers on site informed on the status of their trailer at all times from their cab or break rooms


Analytics & reporting

Setup and monitor KPIs to keep your teams informed of your yards performance

Trailer Maintenance Yard Operations

Trailer maintenance

Track trailer maintence at your on-site workshop & wash sites to manage your off-road fleet

A closer look

Each Yard Ops module operates independently, utilizing API technology to send and receive data in real time. Our modules integrate seamlessly with your existing solutions, enhancing dock management through your WMS, enriching analytics with tools like PowerBI, and coordinating bookings with your ERP or TMS systems.


Our Booking module enables planning teams to schedule arrivals and departures of trailers by creating booking slots that align with your team's capacity throughout the week.

This reduces yard congestion by smoothing out high-activity periods, preventing queues and minimising operational stress.

Third-party suppliers can secure slots that work for them via a simple invitation link as soon as your purchase order is raised.

Now yard and dock operations are optimally planned to match workforce and logistical capacities. As a result, this reduces driver dwell time and the risk of incurring fines due to delays.

Journey Booking Yard Operations UI
Gatehouse Apps Yard Operations UI


Used by gatehouse security staff and drivers, gatehouse streamlines your entry and exit processes, allowing for quick trailer check-in and out via a QR code or reference.

Upon check-in, drivers review and agree to site rules and policies in their native language, ensuring full compliance and understanding.

This module integrates seamlessly with ANPR cameras, weighbridges, gatehouse barriers, and most Transport Management Systems (TMS) to facilitate automated and self-check-in options and receive advanced ETAs.

The gatehouse module will speed up sign-in/out times, ensure driver compliance, and maintain accurate data on all activities in your yard.

Space management

Our live Yard View provides a real-time dashboard displaying the current state of your yard, including docked trailers, parked locations, and ongoing shunting activities.

An intuitive drag-and-drop interface allows yard managers to efficiently organise trailers and preallocate locations for incoming bookings.

Simply drop a tile on a new location to instantly trigger a shunter movement or notify the driver to move their trailer.

Space management Yard Operations UI
Shunter Yard Operations UI

Shunter co-ordination

Streamline your shunter team and automatically prioritise movements around your yard. It's Uber for shunting!

Each shunter uses our shunter app mounted in-cab on a tablet or mobile. Shunters claim the next job off the queue before given instructions. 

Our app syncs shunter progress back to the core so other modules receive accurate ETAs. For areas that suffer from poor network coverage, our app works offline while a job is under way, allowing shunters to continue uninterrupted.

Shunters can conduct site audits and update trailer locations on-the-fly if any unauthorised movements occur, maintaining order and accuracy across the yard.

Dock management

Our Dock Management module streamlines summoning and dispatching trailers at your docks. Trailer movements are triggered which are then added to the shunter queue or communicated directly to the driver via notification.

Enable real-time tracking of all dock activities, capturing data through direct interaction or via events from your existing Warehouse Management System (WMS). Continuous monitoring allows your team to identify patterns, suggest improvements, and address issues.

The module integrates seamlessly with dock safety systems to enhance safety and it is optimised for display on large screens, ensuring your warehouse floor knows what's on dock.

Dock management Yard Operations UI
Driver communications Yard Operations UI

Driver communication

Each booking in YardOps is accompanied by a unique live booking URL, providing drivers with access to real-time information regarding their booking status.

Before arrival, drivers receive essential details such as a QR code, booking reference, address, and arrival time, ensuring smooth entry to your yard. Our platform allows drivers to send updated ETAs to your yard, enabling proactive schedule adjustments.

On-site, drivers can track the current location and status of their trailer via the web or our flightboard display. For seamless coordination, communication alerts can be sent to drivers via SMS or the web if their assistance is required to move their trailer.

With our Driver Communication module, you will enhance driver satisfaction, improve operational efficiency, and maintain clear communication throughout the yard.

Data analysis

Utilising data collected from each independent module, our platform tracks key performance indicators (KPIs) to provide comprehensive analytics. 

Gain quick access to top-line KPIs such as average dwell time, booking frequency, and asset utilisation through our intuitive dashboard. 

For deeper analysis, seamlessly integrate your yard data with existing business intelligence tools like PowerBI, Tableau, and Click. 

Identify performance trends, optimise resource allocation, and make data-driven decisions to drive continuous improvement across your yard operations. With our Analytics & Reporting module, you can transform raw data into actionable insights and achieve operational excellence.

Data and reporting Yard Operations UI
Trailer Maintenance Yard Operations UI

Trailer maintenance

Seamlessly integrate off-road functions such as workshops or trailer wash areas into your yard operations with our Maintenance module. 

Trailers can be flagged for maintenance upon arrival, preventing them from being assigned to another journey until clearance is obtained. We can integrate with your Fleet Management System (FMS) so trailers are automatically assigned to your workshop according to your maintenance schedule.

By integrating wash functions into YardOps, you can streamline trailer maintenance processes and ensure every action in your yard is accounted for.

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